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Her Story 

Our project aims to celebrate and bring visibility to the diverse range of women's professional experiences across various industries. By creating cinematic film portraits, we aspire to tell the compelling stories of women who have made unique contributions to their fields.

We believe that every professional journey is unique and holds lessons that can inspire others. Our mission is to highlight these journeys, focusing on the passion, dedication, and resilience that define them. By sharing these stories, we want to inspire future generations of women.

In joining our project, you will not only have the opportunity to share your story but also to become part of a larger narrative of women's professional achievements. Your experiences could inspire others to overcome challenges, pursue their passions, and make their mark in their respective fields.

We are truly excited about the potential of this project and the impact it could have. We deeply appreciate your consideration in participating and helping us bring this vision to life.

Here are a few words about us:
Denise & Oliver


Before even knowing each other, we already knew that we could learn something from each other:

It turned out, that we both love coffee a lot and also that we can have a really good time together, learn from each other and enjoy the small things.

We are both very passionate about our job: Oliver is a Filmmaker and Denise is a project manager in higher education. We would be more than happy to hear about your profession and why you love what you do. 


Besides our work and coffee, we are also passionate about bicycles. And, of course, we love Portugal. 

Denise is Portuguese but grew up in Germany. Oliver is German and is currently learning Portuguese. 

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